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World of Warcraft Hunter Guide

The vibrant and fantastical world of WoW is host to a wide variety of races, classes and characters. Each with their own unique traits, skills and lore that make them more or less desirable to the masses of players who flock to this title year on year. So with that in mind, we thought we would take a look at one class in particular and allow players to make an informed decision about whether this one is the one for them. In this guide we give you the rundown on the hunter class, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether this build is ideal for your play style. Here is our WoW hunter class guide.

What is a Hunter In WoW?

A hunter is a class in WoW that focuses heavily on dealing damage to anyone in their path. A hunter often has a strong aptitude for archery, being able to combine a variety of different projectiles to deal a variety of damage effects to their foes. They are also known for their ability to call upon the wilderness for help. Hunters are able to develop strong bonds with pets, animals and wild beasts alike and are capable of using their respective skillsets to turn the tides of a battle.

Hunters can track, tame and train a variety of different animals within the game including some creatures that are available only to those who adopt the hunter class. Hunters are very mobile characters who are great at using the art of stealth to lay traps, get the drop on enemies and can often escape from unwinnable situations to fight another day. The hunter class is for pure DPS players who value survival, companionship and cunning above all else and this is a class that if given the time and space to work, will deal a lot of damage.

Races of Hunter In WoW

If you want to take on the role of the hunter, there are a plethora of race options to choose from. With this class being one of the more available classes in the game, players will rarely have to sacrifice their desired race to take on this role. Here is a list of all the races on offer:

Blood elf
 Dark Iron dwarf
 Highmountain tauren
 Kul Tiran
 Lightforged draenei
 Mag’har orc
 Night elf
 Void elf
 Zandalari troll

Hunter Class Information

Weapons: Bows, Guns, Crossbows, thrown weapons, Daggers, axes, fist weapons, swords, polearms, staves, two handed axes, two handed swords

Armour: Leather, Mail

Resources: Health, mana, Focus

Roles: DPS, Tank

Hunter Class Specifications

Now we take a look at how you can take a generic hunter build and mould it in your own image. There are three specifications that define a hunter, each with its own perks and pitfalls. Here is a quick list describing each of these specifications:

Marksman Hunter: This version of the hunter class will see the player become very proficient at dealing damage from range. The marksman hunter is excellent with a bow, crossbow or a gun, making them deadly from a distance. This specification also offers a variety of different shots and affects for players to experiment with and overall, this role is perfect for any player that likes to pick off their target without the need for close-quarters combat.

Beast Mastery Hunter: While all hunters are capable of trapping and taming beasts, it is the beast mastery hunters that use their pets best in battle. These hunters have the ability to use their companion to deal added damage through a series of special abilities. BM hunters generate focus quicker and therefore can use abilities more frequently, making them a constant threat with very few moments where they are vulnerable due to cooldowns. This is a class that is perfect for those that enjoy being active in battle and enjoy taking the fight to their foes.

Survival Hunter: The survival hunter is perhaps the less favourable of all the choices on offer. However, in the right hands, this can still be a great build for players who which to take on the hunter class. This class blends the aforementioned specifications together to form a build that relies on utilising the chaos of melee combat. These hunters rely on close-quarters melee combat and the use of traps to get through their skirmishes. These builds also tend to have higher HP so they aren’t as vulnerable when getting up close and personal. This is perfect for the player that loves the thrill of the fight but also has the skill and cunning to use all the tools in their arsenal at the right time.

Tips For Playing A Hunter In WoW

Then lastly, we run through several helpful tips that will aid you in building your hunter from a measly level one minnow to the glorious beastmaster that you dream of. Take heed of these hints and make sure you truly want to take on the role of the hunter.

Stay on the move: One fantastic asset of the hunter class is the ability to use almost all of their ranged attacks while on the move. This allows you to provide covering fire, flank more effectively, consistently act as a moving target and take up better positions in battle. A lot of other classes don’t have this luxury, so stay active and use this perk of the hunter class to your advantage.

Be Ferocious: When choosing your pet class, you’ll have the choice of ferocity, cunning or spirit beast if you are a BM hunter. However, we would urge you to choose the former. The ferocity class pets provide a massive DPS boost in comparison to their counterparts and will cut your enemies down to size with ease. Especially if you are providing your own damage on top of that. It’s a matter of preference we suppose but we would like to make our opinion known.

An Altruistic Hunter: While it can be easy to forget that you are part of a team effort as a hunter. You can in fact play a very important role in a team dynamic. Hunters are incredible at crowd control thanks to their ranged attack proficiency. Allowing you to take out weaker enemies, allowing your allies to focus on the tankier enemies. Not to mention that your pets can off-tank in a pinch, providing some much-needed relief in clutch situations. So be sure to help your pals out and be a team player.

So that’s our guide to the hunter class in WoW. What do you make of our guide? Did you find it helpful? Which specification do you think is best when playing a hunter? Will you be taking on this role for your next build? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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