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World of Warcraft Castle Nathria Boss Guide 10

World of Warcraft Castle Nathria Bosses Guide

Finally, we came to the last boss of Castle Nathria. Sire Denathrius is a boss who changes stages according to his health. As the final boss of this raid, how will his skills and mechanics be? Let us understand his guide.


No.10 boss---Sire Denathrius

He has three stages, the first stage before 70% of his health, he will fight us in the living room.

Let us first understand his skills at this stage.

Burden of Sin

The damage of this skill alone is not high, but it needs attention with another skill---Cleansing Pain.

Notice: This skill needs to be undertaken by players with the Burden of Sin effect.

Blood Price

Notice: This requires the entire group to maintain a similar Burden of Sin layer.

He will also summon two Night Hunters.

Notice: Since the damage of this skill can be shared on the charging path of the Night Hunters, other team members are required to stand on the charging path to share.

Command: Revage

Notice: Since this skill is cast three times, there will be no place to stand on the field, so it is necessary to reduce the health of the boss to 70% as soon as possible.

When his health reaches 70%, he will enter the transition phase.

Notice: Before entering the transition phase, make sure that there is not too much Burden of Sin effect on your body, and run to the boss as soon as possible.

Next is the second stage, in this stage, his weapon---Remornia will join the battle.

Crimson Cabalist

Notice: They need to be killed as soon as possible. And need to be killed all because of Dusk Elegy.

To kill cabalists quickly, you need to make good use of Wracking Pain.

Notice: The boss needs to face the cabalists to ensure that they will be hit by this skill.

Hand of Destruction

Notice: Players need to quickly leave the skill range.

Then let's take a look at what skills Remornia has.

In heroic difficulty, Rancor will also be cast.

Notice: The marked player stays away from the crowd and close to the edge of the field so as not to leave Rancor in the middle of the field.

When the boss' health reaches 40%, it will enter the third stage.

Shattering Pain

Notice: This requires the tank to use skills to withstand his damage.

Fatal Finesse

Notice: Players who need to be marked are thrown out of the crowd and dispersed. And in heroic difficulty, the resulting sphere needs someone to stand in it.

Finally, I will give you a summary.

In the first stage 

Pay attention to reducing the Burden of Sin effect to ensure that the number of effects for each person is not large. And immediately switch the target to kill the mobs, and at the same time share the damage of the charge. Before moving to the next stage, make sure that everyone in the team does not have more than 2 Burden of Sin effects.

In the second stage

The main target is the cabalists and they need to be resolved as soon as possible. And to avoid Remornia's charge. Make sure that no cabalist is alive before entering the next stage.

In the third stage

It is necessary to arrange tanks with special skills to withstand skills. The marked players should stay away from the boss, hide all skills, and kill them as soon as possible.

The above is all the skills of the boss, our boss guide will come to an end here, I wish you all can capture this raid as soon as possible, thank you.

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