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WoW Best Shaman Tips and Tricks

“Gaming is not a thing for newbies”. This is what we often heard from the gaming gurus out there who certainly are unrivaled in their field. And when it comes to the strategic masterpiece World of Warcraft, you might not wanna enter the battle without a slight bit of preparation on your side. And with a full-fledged enemy on your opposite side, I am afraid, that’s curtains for you.  

Well, we got you covered here with a complete pack of useful strategies and tricks for you. Before starting, we like to inform you that this article is all about the Shaman class and covers its strengths, tips, tricks, synergies, and other stuff altogether. Overall, if you are a Shaman user then you better put on your seat belts and join the fun. Otherwise, you can wait for our next article that contains your favorite class. On the other hand, you can get your hands on some useful info about the Shaman class. So, let's get to the point and join the action.

Know Your Class Well:

Before we start, let’s see a little intro about the Shaman class.  Shaman is one of the most adaptable and versatile classes that are known to provide excellent group support to the team. Shamans are mainly a hybrid class that effectively deals in offensive spellcasting, melee damage dealing, and healing. Shamans use special stationary totems that either provide benefits to the party members or deal damage to the enemies. If you want to play a balanced game you can take your chances with this one here.

Racial Compatibility:

You must be familiar with the race advantage when it comes to World of Warcraft. Racial compatibility offers a big prominent advantage with WoW classes. No matter which class you choose, each one has some sort of compatibility with a certain race. That certain race covers the class's weaknesses and disadvantages. At the same time, there are some races as well that don't go well with the given classes. This makes racial compatibility, an extremely important aspect of the game.

Before going into it, let’s make it clear that this point is about the PvP. Considering Shaman class in the spotlight, when it comes to Horde races, it is best if you go with Orc. Orcs have the maximum popularity and they have proved to be highly compatible with the Shaman class. Shaman's Bloodlust increases warrior's power for a short time. Their lightning shield also casts a barrier that damages any nearby units.

For another option, it is not bad considering Vulpera for the job. Although they are not quite popular Vulpera offers some interesting non-combat racials. For instance, you can get two additional racial mounts that are customizable as well.   

When it comes to the alliance, you can go straight with Dwarfs. Dwarf's racial abilities come pretty handy and quite compatible with the Shaman. Including this, their looks simply make them suit with Shaman class.


Orc Shaman || Source: Pinterest


Best Shaman Specs:

As you know, Shaman offers three specs with unique abilities. So, how can you choose the best one? Well, with each class having its unique strength and weakness, we recommend using the Elemental spec. Elemental Shamans offer a simple rotation with an extremely useful self-healing spell in form of Healing Surge. Including this, Elemental Shamans offer two Maelstrom generation spells like Lightning Bolt and Lava Burst and Maelstrom spenders like Earth Shock and Earthquake in their rotation.

Other than this, if you prefer high damage in close combat, then you can choose Enhancement specs. But despite the benefits, this spec is pretty complex and confusing. You also have to face cooldowns with troublesome abilities.

Last but not the least, coming to the Restoration spec. Restoration Shamans are not that good when it comes to attacking and dealing damage. Other than that, Restoration Shamans can get a significant advantage by their useful self-healing abilities.

Overall, out of the three, we recommend relying on Elemental Shamans instead of the other two.


Enhancement Shaman || Source: Wowhead


Restoration Shaman || Source: GotWarcraft



Elemental Shaman || Source: Wowhead


Counter Your Weaknesses:

Some factors make Shamans unfavorable and weak. Especially, if you are a new player, you might end up on a losing streak for some time. No worries, as you need to keep your weaknesses in mind so you can adopt a winning spree from the start. The best way is to devise a proper plan and strategy against your weaknesses. Similarly, you can tackle your weak points by using intelligently using your strong points.

Going to the details, the Elemental spec is mostly outclassed by other specs outside of specific situations. As a counter, Elemental Shamans offer massive burst damage for a single target. Including this, Elemental Shamans offer excellent utility outside of raids that give them a significant advantage.

Coming to Enhancement spec, they are extremely fragile and venerable with a low number of defensive tools. As a counter, they offer sustainable single-target damage including excellent mobility with Spirit Walk and Ghost Wolf.

Finally, about Restoration spec, they have extremely weak burst mobility with no teleport or jump ability. As a counter, Restoration Shamans offer excellent survivability with powerful self-healing abilities that can be utilized intelligently.

Best PvP Talents:

For any class in WoW, it is vital to know about the best talents and abilities. Having a good knowledge about the best talents will work as a major ace up your sleeve. Let’s have a look at some of the best Shaman talents.





Echoing Shock

Shock the target for 65% of spell power causing the next healing or damage spell to be cast a second time.

Earthen Rage

Lasts for 6 sec and deals 13.75% damage to your most recently attacked target.  

Storm Keeper

Takes a total of 6 seconds. After every 2 seconds, all enemies within 10 yards slowly decay losing 3% health.



Forceful Winds

Causing successful wind attacks within 100 yards range for 15 sec.    

Elemental Assault

Stormstrike damage is increased by 15% with one stack of Maelstrom weapons generated.  


Deals 250% damage for 15 sec, to enemies within 8 yards range, reduces cooldown by 66%.



Unleash Life

Heals a friendly target for 190% of spell power with next direct heal increased by 35%.  

Nature’s Guardian

Heal 20% of maximum health when health is decreased below 35%. Reloads after 45 seconds.


Deals 250% damage for 15 sec, to enemies within 8 yards range, reduces cooldown by 66%.


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