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WoW Best Demon Hunter Tips and Tricks

World of Warcraft is a masterclass MMORPG with its intense strategic gameplay. No matter how good you get in this, you will always find the game, one step ahead of you. So, for those players out there who are planning to enter the battle relying on their guts, well you better stop before you get beaten to a pulp.

About that, to all the new players out there, you need a bunch of strategies to make your way out of the woods. And this is what the article is all about. In this article, we will be going through some of the best tips and tricks you need to know to be strong and successful in the game. So, it's a treat for the newbies and if you are an old player, you might wanna get a head start in the game. Now, let’s jump to the main topic without wasting time.


Before going into detail, this article is based on the Demon Hunter class and focuses on all its strategies. We will be including different factors including strengths and weaknesses, racial compatibility, best spec, abilities, and much more. After reading this one, you will be able to use Demon Hunter class pretty well. And for those who like playing with other WoW classes, you might wanna look at another one of our articles based on your favorite class.

About Demon Hunters:

Here is a little introduction to the class. Belonging to the hero classes, Demon Hunter is an intense fighter with its devastating hellish powers that are equally terrifying for both allies as well as foes. Specializing in speed and close combat, Demon Hunter can play the roles of both, damage-dealing fighter and a shield against the enemy. Demon Hunters forge heavy leather armor for pure defense and prefer one-handed weapons to attack. Their hellish abilities are enough to knock the enemy out with a single blow. If you are looking for a class that is equally effective in attack as well as defense, then here is your best option.

Racial Compatibility:

As you are familiar with the system, the game demands a payment to change the race. You can change your character race after every 72 hours. So, instead of spending money on changing races, it's better to choose the best one for your character in the first place. That’s not all to it. Different races have different compatibilities with each class.

About the class, the two races seem to be the most compatible with it. From the horde races, Blood Elf is the most compatible. The reason for that is its racial ability goes in full flow with the demon hunter’s traits. The Blood Elf’s racial “Arcane Torrent” mainly removes one beneficial effect from the enemy in a close range. You can use it to remove effective healing and protection abilities from the enemy units which proves quite beneficial for your Demon Hunter.

Now from the Allied races, Night Elf gets to be the most favorable. As you can see Night Elf's racial "Shadowmeld” protects you from any incoming attack by making the character invisible. This mainly keeps the user protected from highly damaging abilities including “Polymorph” or others.


 Blood Elf Demon Hunter || Source: Wowhead


Going with the Best Specs:

Despite other classes, Demon Hunter is the only one that comes with only two specializations. This makes it quite straightforward to understand and carry. The main reason is that they have divided all the Demon Hunter resources within two specs making it a perfect choice for starters. Now, which one is better? Let’s have a look.

Between the two, we recommend using the Havoc Demon Hunter. Havoc Demon Hunter is mainly a high damage melee spec with specialized survival tools, group utilities, and high mobility. The special thing about them is the mobility that offers great positioning control in encounters. Including this, Havoc Demon Hunters have a set of devastating abilities including, Unbound Chaos, Felblade, First Blood, and others. Another one with effective damage is the Eye Beam.

The second one is Vengeance Demon Hunter. Vengeance Demon Hunters are mainly tank-type specs with intermediate damage and healing abilities. Their special ability "Infernal Strike" offers excellent mobility and makes them leap towards enemy units for extensive damage. They also possess intermediate self-healing abilities. The thing that keeps them behind is the low uptime of active mitigations and limited talent choices.  


Havoc Demon Hunter || Source: Wowhead

Vengeance Demon Hunter || Source: Wowhead



Using Strengths against Weaknesses:

Demon Hunters are mostly outclassed by their weak points which makes them, an unfavorable choice for players. Well, we can change your mind here by using a simple technique. The best way to counter a class weakness is by utilizing its strong points effectively and intelligently as a counter.

In the case of Demon Hunter, some weak points need to be considered. When it comes to the Vengeance Demon Hunter, it has a very low uptime of active mitigations. This makes its attacks less effective against the enemy. Moreover, the weak legendary choices add oil to the fire making the Vengeance DH even less effective. Well, there is a proper solution to these problems. If you cannot damage the enemy, why don't you make them do the same? Simply, you can utilize its high burst healing potential with flexible mobility to keep the damage intake to a minimum. This seems like a pretty good counter against your weakness.

About the Havoc Demon Hunters, they have a longer cooldown which makes them prone to damage against the enemy. Well, you can utilize the mobility factor in this case. Including this, you can use the “Shadowmeld" racial to prevent getting hit and save time for cooldown as well.  

Best PvP Talents for DH:

No matter which class you choose, you need to be well informed about abilities and talents to use them quickly and effectively. Let’s have a look at some of the top talents for Demon Hunter.






Charges at the enemy and deals 66% of fire attack damage.


Increases movement speed by 100% making the user immune to damage. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Fel Barrage

Inflicts 314% of attack damage to 8 enemy units within 8 yards range. Lasts for 3 seconds.



Infernal Armor

Armor is increased by 20% and any melee attacker suffers 5% of fire attack damage.     

Agonizing Flames

Movement speed is increased by 20% and the Immolation Aura duration increases by 5 seconds.    

Soul Barrier

Shields the user, absorbing 500% of attack damage. Lasts for 12 seconds.

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