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Taking a Look into What Players Can Expect from WoW TBC

It must be said that WoW now is very different as compared to itself several years ago, back when it was first released. Lots of players preferred this older World of Warcraft, and lots preferred the new direction that the game had taken. To please both parties involved in the best way possible, Blizzard released WoW Classic in 2019 which was a huge success.

Also known as WoW Nostalgia by some, this version is World of Warcraft exactly as it was in 2004-2007. It plays almost exactly as the game did back then, but with some added polishing which arguably makes it even better. It’s the game as it once was before any of the expansions were released and it was changed forever. This was at least the case up until now. Some time ago, leaks suggested that the game’s first expansion would be getting the Classic treatment as well, and BlizzCon 2021 has confirmed this to be the case.

Some Foresight into What TBC Classic Will Offer

WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic will be looking to provide almost the same experience it provided for the retail version when TBC was originally released. Many were skeptical of World of Warcraft Classic when it was originally revealed, but it grew on players as they tried out thanks to how well it was executed. Now as we look towards the release of TBC Classic, it’s safe to say that players have high expectations from Blizzard to deliver once again.

The expansion will likely feature The Burning Crusade in all of its glory exactly as it was in 2007, with just a few minor tweaks to make it run more smoothly and polish some bugs and other problems that were common back then. Select players that applied for the beta also got a glimpse of what TBC Classic has in store for us all, and it certainly must be said things look promising. The gameplay looks entirely identical, the visuals are much more improved but can be purposefully downgraded if you’re looking for a nostalgic experience, and much more. The beta is still running and there is no official end date as of now. There’s also no release date for the full game either.

To put it in the simplest way possible, The Burning Crusade Classic will be a seemingly great call back to 2007 that will offer a nostalgia joyride to anyone that loved playing WoW when the initial expansion came out back then. It features all of the same things as the original expansion, without the hassle of any of the newer expansions released after it, and it’s safe to say it looks set to live up to high expectations based on the enjoyable beta.

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