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RIP Diego Armando Maradona

On the occasion of Black Friday, we received a black and sad news. 

On the 25th, Mr. M left forever. 

His contribution to world football is huge, bringing countless wonderful moments and unforgettable memories to fans all over the world. 

The fall of the Pampas Eagles, the news made the world fans sad. We salute you.

A long time ago, we often heard someone say: "His skills are unparalleled and watching him play football is a pleasure. We have lost a great friend, and the world has lost a legend.

Anything that can be done to the extreme will be immortal. Compared with saints, ordinary talents are our more reliable friends. 

Thank you to those sports superstars, thank them for bringing pure joy to our earthly life. 

Thank you for being a player, because this sport gives you the greatest happiness And freedom, like touching the blue sky with both hands.

iGVault FIFA Team

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