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As Christmas is approaching this year, we have launched Christmas event, which begins from December 11, 2020 until December 24, 2020. 

During this event, you could get a 30% discount on the purchase page. Probably, it is may not surprising you enough. 

Hence, based on that, we decided to add 8% more bonus based on your purchases to celebrate Christmas with you. That means, you could enjoy 30% off plus 8% bonus immediately while you place your order!

The updated theme of the event will be named: Freeze
Or to be more precisely:
Frozen FIFA21 Player Card
One player per day SBC
Compete with SBC every day

Legends Exchange Phase 1

Along with the Christmas theme, this event adds a special gift pack that includes one upgraded FUTMAS map and many SBC players, which are allowing players to unlock their favorite star players.

It is not yet sure if these gift packs come with challenge bonuses, or if they receive SBC prizes, or if the rare gift packs can only be purchased in stores.

So make sure you have enough FUT Coins in order to get your favorite Freeze Player Card.

Note: If you have a preferred player, please complete the SBC as soon as possible, because the recommended daily SBC in this event is only valid for 24 hours.">

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